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The Battle of the Bulge was Hitler's final attempt to thwart the Allied advance - and it was also the last great battle that the Americans fought in Europe. On this tour we experience the terrain - if not the weather conditions of the battle. We visit German and American cemeteries as as linger at the Mardasson Memorial at Bastogne.

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As early as September 1944, Hitler was planning a counter offensive in the West. He would take Antwerp, split the British and American forces and concentrate on the Russians. A grand plan set on the stage of his earlier blitzkrieg victories of 1940 - The Ardennes.

From our stunning and magical hotel base at Esch sur Sure in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg we travel north to Malmedy, the scene of a massacre of Americal soldiers on December 17th. We pay tribute to the American dead in the hugely impressive Ardennes Cemetery. We visit Bastogne - the town surrounded, but never taken by the Germans, and pay tribute to General 'Nuts' McAuliffe. We shall experience too, the type of terrain and countryside, visiting the actual shell holes that provided shelter for the soldiers. In the South we pay our respects to General George S. Patton as well as thousands of Germans who dies for their Fatherland - in vain.

In the evenings, over a glass or two, we shall explore the role of the Ardennes Offensive in the context of the subsequent allied victory: we shall also explore whether it hindered or helped Anglo-American relations throughout the rest of the war.

This Reveille tour will show you that the Post D-Day road to Berlin was fraught with German resistance, and it will also show you the enormous contribution that the Americans made to allied victory.

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The Ardennes American Cemetery at Neupre, Belgium
The Ardennes American Cemetery at Neupre, Belgium

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