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Four days, three nights

About this tour

One of the lesser known facts of World War I is the American presence on the Marne and the Argonne in 1915. Although they were involved for the last year of the War their contribution was profound and their losses great.

This tour will introduce you to the second Battle of the Marne: in the morning we shall visit the memorial at Chateau Thierry and the Aisne-Marne and the Oise-Aisne cemeteries. In the afternoons we shall explore a fraction of the many small Champagne Houses in that area to learn the process and taste the results. At the end of the tour you will achieve two things, firstly an understanding and appreciation of American involvement in the Great War, and secondly an educated palate that will refute the popular adage that says all champagne tastes the same!

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The Ardennes American Cemetery at Neupre, Belgium
The Ardennes American Cemetery at Neupre, Belgium

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