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Five days, four nights

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We spend three full days retracing the events of June 6, 1944, from Utah Beach in the west to Pegasus Bridge in the east. We travel to Omaha Beach and Arromanches as well as Pointe du Hoc and Ste Mère Eglise. Our visit includes a trip to the British cemetery and museum in Bayeux - and you may want to see the tapestry, too!

More about touring Normandy

'The greatest armada in history'. 'The most daring military risk of the century'. These are just two of the many descriptions of the events which took place in Normandy on 6th June 1944. D-Day marked the beginning of the liberation of Europe and therefore the beginning of the end of the war.

Our visit to the Normandy landing beaches and their environs will allow us to retrace the events of D-Day as well as explore in depth the background and the build up to Operation Overlord.

This memorable and moving tour spans the whole invasion front, from Utah Beach in the west to Pegasus Bridge in the east. We shall learn about the British and American airbourne landings prior to the main attack and reinforce our learning with visits to some of the excellent museums in the area.

From our delightful convent base in Bayeux, minutes away from the large British cemetery and museum, we shall travel to Arromanches, some nine miles away, and see the remains of the miraculous Mulberry Harbour - another Churchill inspiration!

Our visits to British, American and German cemeteries will give us an opportunity to discuss the different ways in which the three nations honour their memories. We shall also learn something about the role of the French in the unfolding of the invasion.

In the evenings, over a reflective glass or two, there will be an opportunity to view some of the many films on the various aspects of the Normandy invasion. These include footage of the design and building of Mulberry Harbour and the miracle of Pegasus Bridge, as well as material illustrating how the highly sophisticated achievements of the Ministry of Misinformation and its creative deceptions contributed towards the success of D-Day. We shall also have the opportunity to explore the dynamics of Allied co-operation - Monty versus Ike; Ike versus Churchill, and so on, and to acknowledge the singular American contribution to the invasion.

This Reveille tour will give you a unique insight into the events of D-Day and, will, we hope, leave you with a desire to learn even more about what was undoubtedly one of the greatest invasions in modern history.

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Caisson at Arromanches
The remains of Mulberry Harbour can still be seen on the wide beach at Arromanches.

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